Saturday, 3 January 2009

Derby County

Well we survived! I honestly believed at about twenty past three this afternoon that Forest Green Rovers from the Conference League were going to blast the Rams out of the cup and tomorrow we would get the inevitable headlines like 'Forest smash Derby'! Ho! Ho!

It still does not conceal the problem that the club has brought upon itself. I tend to agree with the Chief Executive when he says that we have a good squad although clearly our new American owners do not like parting with money. I think that we do have a fair squad and we now require somebody to pull them together but our new owners have just taken over the club and it is clear that we are light years away from the premiership with the current team.

Next Wednesday evening live on television we face Manchester United, the world club champions, in the semi final of the Carling cup. This is the chance for every player to show what they can really do. The problem is that Paul Jewell has left us woefully short of quality defenders. We therefore have the prospect of Jason Beardsley who has just returned from a loan spell with wait for it... Notts County... facing Cristiano Ronaldo! That is one one side and the other side we have Kamara newly returned from a loan spell with Blackpool facing any one of a dozen international players.

I think that I will just shut my eyes and pray!

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