Sunday, 4 January 2009

English Education

Anyone who has ever visited this blog will know that I am no fan of Gordon Brown or his New Labour project. In my humble opinion this government is hell bent on ruining the country who I love and have served.

Everything that we hold dear is being destroyed. When I was a child I trusted the police. When I was a child I knew that my doctor and the hospitals would treat me regardless of pressure. If I wanted an ambulance it arrived very quickly.

I travelled extensively by rail because my father was an employee of British Rail. The service was never perfect but we knew how much it would cost to travel from 'A' to 'B'. Today I don't even know how to discover the price I would have to pay to get to for example London. Those who have to travel are being milked and I suffer with them.

The government service however that I am really concerned about is Education. I doubt that any aspect of NoLab interference has suffered more than education. Education is paramount to the progress of any country because our children are our future.

Fot forty years now we have seen the decline of English education. Standards have declined so steeply that today the education of our children would have been viewed in the 1960's as a farce and of course it is. The educationalists, the trendy left wing idiots, who have imposed their destructive theories on our children have succeeded because they have never been challenged and it is the fault of me and my generation.

We have allowed this nonsense to continue because neither the Old Labour theorists or the Tories (who of course send their kids to the private schools to thus maintain the differential) seem to care too much about our children. It is a political scandal that none of our current political parties are prepared to address.

We all know that standards have declined to such an extent that the exams of today are a very unfunny joke and that as each generation gets educationally 'better' then grades have to be manipulated to such an extent that 'A' grades have now become 'A' Star grades. The reason being that not all students could be seen to achieve 'A' grades. Despite all the evidence we have allowed it to happen and why?

It is obvious that each parent wants the best for their child. We also know how bright or otherwise our children are, so imagine when the family pain in the neck has just achieved grades beyond our wildest dreams! Instinctively we all celebrate because it reflects on the family and we cannot question the achievements of our kids can we? Nobody questions the people marking the rubbish.

Now the family pain in the neck goes to university. We all know in our hearts that this kid is frankly no student but we have to go along with the New Labour Project because it keeps him/her off the unemployment statistics. He/She then racks up a debt that he/she will be unable to service for very many years to come unless he/she is lucky enough to be employed by Common Purpose (see previous blogs) at a rate of pay beyond his/her wildest dreams!

In the meantime this not very bright child is being exposed to the challenges of life. Now he/she is being 'educated' about drugs, sex and alcohol and of course it has been so successful. The educational programme of sex education has resulted in our kids having the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe. Sexual disease is rife because the kids have been taught about sex by New labour. Well is it not nice to be the best in Europe for something?

Our university students seem to drink themselves silly and the drug culture is something beyond my comprehension. What I cannot understand is that this NoLab government never even addresses the problem. We have twenty four hour drinking(a NoLab Bill) our soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan.apparently to prevent the drugs from coming into this (Yeah right) and the alchohol industry revels in 'Happy Hours'.

Two of my three granddaughters have just entered this madness. We are already seeing the results of state education. These two girls are much loved, they come from a stable family/Christian family and now they are being exposed to the New Labour Project. The kids who use the 'F' word, those poor mites who have never been potty trained at the age of five, the nits, the total abscence of table manners even kids unable to use cutlery.

My grandchildren are now being exposed to the result of the New Labour Project and frankly I would like to assassinate people like Ed Balls but then I am much too old and I must just hope that somebody replaces him and reverses the trend. Why is nobody addressing this problem? We now know what Tony Blair meant by his priority, 'Education, Education, Education'. He meant to destroy it!

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