Friday, 9 January 2009

Sensible Savers!

Tonight at my local club I was asked to Blog about the pensioners and savers (who are largely pensioners)because we are the people who were prudent, lived within our means and frankly we have been shafted by the banking industry.

Good old Gordon and Alistair who, remember got elected on the Labour ticket, have poured billions into the banking industry to save the very people who got so greedy that they almost pulvarised the economy (they probably did pulvarise it but we don't yet know it).

In the meantime the people who have always conducted their affairs prudently (remember that word 'prudence' because it has vague connotations to someone quite close to the heart of the government) are now suffering the consequence of a government that has persistently let down their core supporters. The people who saved for their old age and were promised that this was a bomb proof guarantee of life without penury have been disgustingly let down.

This NoLab government have proven without any doubt that their brand of socialism is purely for the rich and famous. We have never ever had a policy to benefit the savers, the workers, the family or the prudent. It is a national disgrace and should drive so many people into the hands of the BNP.

I would just gently remind Mugabe Brown that there are a helluva lot of us pensioners who have a vote. We are living longer and are healthier than ever before. You are dead meat you Scottish fiend because we did not come through your socialist education system advocating the trashing of everything decent. We are still trying to keep familes together despite your NoLab policies and we will prevail.

In this country freedom is still cherished. The European Union with the collusion of Gordon Brown is systematically wrecking this country and we are paying billions every year for the privilege of their economy wrecking policies!

Gordon stands up almost every week at parliamentary Question Time and trumpets that he will not let people go to the wall. He doesn't mean the pensioner, the family man, the worker or anybody who has played the game because he is only saving the very people who got us into this mess in the first place! He is hell bent on saving the bankers! Is that a Socialist Government?

But then has there ever been a Socialist who actually believed the cause? Can anybody ever remember a Labour member of parliament who believed their socialist principles? Yeah right! Even that great Socialist Tony Benn has his son in Parliament.

I was brought up in a Socialist household, you know people of the Clyde who bought the concept and yet never thought about the reality. Well today now that they are pensioners let them think about what being a Labour supporter has led them. The pensioners of this once great country should have a standard of living second to none.

It has been stolen from them by people like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair who have ruined the country, ruined their pensions and ruined the future that they have planned for years. Every time that the grinning idiot appears on the TV PLEASE remember that Gordon Brown has ruined far more lives than the Israeli army and I do not say that lightly!

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