Friday, 30 January 2009

British Workers

At long last the British worker has realised that they are being screwed by the businessmen, the unions and most of all the politicians. For so long they have believed that they have representation in the form of a Labour government. This slavish loyalty to everything trade union and Labour means that they do not have to bother themselves with that boring subject...politics!

Suddenly...they are losing out to foreign workers... suddenly they realise that the game is up! Gordon Brown did not end boom and bust; Gordon Brown was not the economics guru that they were led to believe he was. Tony Blair has sailed into the future worth millions and John Prescott can afford more Jags that they ever thought possible.

In the meantime if they protest like they could in good old pre NoLab years then they come up against the modern equivalent of the Gestapo. The modern Gestapo even dress like the stormtroopers of yesteryear. Welcome to the new world you socialists who always thought that Gordon and Tony were on your side.

Watch what happens if the new protests built around the slogan 'British jobs for British workers', actually gain momentum and begin to threaten dear Gordon and his mates in the House of Lords. I bypass his mates in the House of Commons because Gordon bypasses them.

I still remember the lorry driver's strike and how quickly that evaporated once someone threatened their leader so what will happen now? Some of these guys have so little to lose if they allow foreign workers to usurp their jobs that one or two might go that tad further.

The working class of this country are under pressure like never before. In former years they were organised and driven by their Union bosses but of course that cannot happen in modern times because the unions financially prop up the very same government which is destroying the British working class. The working class no longer have the safety net which prevents them from thinking for themselves.

Somehow the message is getting through that at long last they must stop believing that Gordon Brown and his morons care a flying stuff for the working class. The working class do not therefore have any representation. Their Union fees have been squandered and ended up in the pockets of Tony, Gordon, Jack (Straw), John and Mandy.

Now they witness the ultimate insult that Italian and Portuguese workers can give them the 'up yours signs' and take their jobs. This is because they did not want to think about politics. The Union were there to protect them from this indignity but of course the European Union ultimately controls everything and will insist that anything worthwhile will never go to British workers.

Now when this fact eventually penetrates the several layers of concrete that makes up the average brain of a British worker the fun will start because they are a potent force which has to be reckoned with. Once they realise that Gordon has betrayed them and that the Unions have no real power and care even less then the backlash will begin.

When the British worker realises that they have squandered the legacy of being British and that they are now the bottom of the pile alongside the likes of the great unwashed of Mumbai only then will they reply. Heh and they may be thick and purposely uneducated but when riled they will be once again become a very purposeful force and NicK Griffin is waiting to lead them. Is that a good thing?

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