Monday, 12 January 2009

The Army and Political Correctness.

The Prince Harry clanger, albeit a snippet of film taken three years ago, took a step forward today with almost every current affairs television programme and all the papers revisiting it. Most of them clearly have no relevant experience of forces life but pride of place for drivel must go to GMTV for their interview with a young man apparently representing a group called The Ramadan Society.

Not even Google could enlighten me on the nebulous Ramadan Society. Now I generally like Ben Sheppard, he is a bloke's bloke but this morning he gave this guy a very easy ride. He allowed this disrespectful young man to rant on about a member of our Royal Family which included a reference that Prince Harry was a racist and should be made to visit Muslim groups in person and apologise!

Now I am not a particularly avid royalist. I often think that Prince Harry behaves like a prat but he is part of the leading family of this once great nation and I objected strongly to the tones that this 'oick' was using (and that is a derogatory term)!

His own racist rant completely backed up my claim yesterday that many of the Muslims in this country, particularly those emanating from Pakistan, have no idea what makes us tick and have never bothered to find out. They have their own agenda and the oick could not wait to take advantage of a situation created by the weak kneed idiots who believe that political correctness can replace efficiency, loyalty and bravery.

Political correctness has never really touched the army. Yes I know that Colonels refrain from mentioning 'Bongo-Bongo' land these days when briefing the troops but the personal friendships are still laced with the most horrendous references of any weakness that can be detected in the guy who sleeps in the camp bed next to you. It is called army humour and is born out of extreme hardship. The kind of hardship which would cause the supporters of political correctness to cry like babies.

One only has to read the Andy McNab books to uncover frequent references to Ragheads and Pakis. It is standard army vocabulary and let's face it the soldiers are fighting Ragheads and Pakis so when the Ragheads and Pakis stop protecting Al Quaida and joining the Taliban then they may gain some measure of respect.

I suspect that the Officer Ahmed referred to by Prince Harry as 'our Paki' had names for Prince Harry which were every bit as rude but then only they know that. If some of these moaning Muslims would contribute to this country instead of attacking it at every opportunity then they might earn some respect. Yes and I do know that there are many thousands of Muslims who have integrated into our community and are contributing. Clearly this post does not refer to them.

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