Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Economy and Gordon Brown

I have watched the PM a few times recently and have resisted damaging the telly by throwing something large and heavy at it. I have also resisted the temptation to vilify him simply because it would get a mite tedious. However enough is enough because somehow this egotistical prannock (the nicest non-word I could think up)seems to be on television day after day reciting the same rubbish every time he appears.

Yesterday the great demotivator entertained a guy who calls himself Mr Motivator live from Number Ten. He was trying to portray himself as a decent normal guy but he always comes across a little strange. The false smile, the uncomfortable posture and ths constant references to the GLOBAL credit crunch are never far away(I also see that the tie tying lessons have not materialised).

Today the mainstream media and the blogs are all full of the threat of 'quantitative easing' which is just another term for printing more money. The first person I know who picked this up was Guido Fawkes but I followed up on 6th December when I alerted people that Gordon and Alistair had scrapped a clause in the Banking Bill which forced them to publish how much money was being printed.

I never thought that they would contemplate the economics of the madhouse but here they go, desperate to save their skins and at long last proving that they have no economical acumen whatsoever. It is Mugabeesque in it's stupidity but this is what happens when every policy that they have introduced has cost billions and then failed. There are even plans afoot to tax savers!

It is not the only comparison that Gordon Brown has with Robert Mugabe. Both are ruining their countries, both are power mad dictators who avoid elections at all costs and both in substance and style are utterly repugnant.

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