Thursday, 15 January 2009

Craig Murray

Tonight I downloaded a book by Craig Murray from the Internet called 'The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and other conflicts'. This is not the first time that I have found Craig Murray but then his blog kind of disappeared and we lost contact.

Mr Murray is that rare being because he became a high ranking Civil Servant with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the Blair years and was not corrupted by the power and economic advantage of his position. He has been threatened so much by NoLab and other related individuals that he has been forced to release the book on the Internet for free. The reason for this is that his publishers have been threatened by lawyers acting on behalf of a millionaire individual, who apparently made his fortune from the Blair instigated war in Iraq.

I have just started to read it and already I realise why those in power must regard Craig Murray as a major threat. He was there in the Blair years when so much happened. I look forward to reading the rest of it and I will update you all but please buy it or download it because we have at long last found an incorruptable man.

Craig Murray is the first person that I have ever discovered who was recruited in the Blair years as a high ranking Civil Servant and was subsequently disgusted by the establishment and who is clever enough to expose it.

Have we at last found a leader? Would Craig Murray form a political Party? Are the people who are honest, law abiding and transparent about to discover a solution?

I fear for his future. He must not shave, swallow pills or go for lone walks in the woods but I wonder if he knows Andrew Gilligan. Perhaps they should walk into the future hand in hand. That way the subsequent reports of their joint demise would be difficult even by this government to deny.

When a very prominent individual has died quietly in the woods then it is surely difficult to repeat the act. After all people might get suspicious that a sane scientist and family man who upsets the government and then takes a quiet walk into the woods and suddenly commits suicide might just be a mite suspicious.

Craig Murray gives me hope for the future but then HIS future is as suspect as any that I have ever met. He is campaigning single handedly about endemic corruption and he needs to be supported. Support him boys and girls log onto his webaite.

Unlike the advertisement he IS worth it!

LOG ONTO THE CRAIG MURRAY WEBSITE AND READ HIM. DOWNLOAD HIS BOOK AND THEN PAY FOR IT! He is the most courageous man that I have ever heard of! Then let us ask him to form the Murray party for people who are honest and cannot be corrupted.

It is a really contentious issue but frankly I want honesty, integrity and accountability in my government. Craig Murray epitomises everything that I hold dear. Unfortunately I am so computer illiterate that I cannot direct you to him but just 'Google' Craig Murray and if you feel that nobody cares then be assured that someone of substance does.

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