Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Economy and Gordon Brown

Not everyone agrees with this humble little blog but I have just checked back at what I blogged in February last year (check it out). I am really not that happy to have been proven such a clairvoyant but it emphasises that Gordon Brown is incompetent and WILL ruin our economy. He is now moving closer to not only the worst PM in our history he is almost close to the worst politician!

The British Economy

I am becoming increasingly concerned for my family when I read the economic forecasts that are being bandied around the blogs. Some of them are forecasting dire times ahead for this country because Gordon Brown and the Chancellor of the Exchequer Alister Darling seem to have got their figures wrong.

I know nothing about high finance but experience tells me that the level of personal debt in this country is unsustainable. A whole generation has been encouraged not to worry about money and just stick it on the credit card. Student debt is horrific and someone has to pay for the armies of Civil Servants and non productive quangoes who have been recruited to protect the policies of the discredited and incompetent NoLab politicians.

It is my opinion that, apart from the fuel moguls, the High Street banks are probably the biggest enemy of the general public . For the past twenty five years they have sold things like endowment policies and then just opted out of the the agreements when the Stock Market did not perform as expected. They have charged their customers at every opportunity even though it would appear that some of the charges are now illegal. Their profits are disgraceful and only go to emphasise their greed. Now some of them have blown a lot of our money on an American scam which seemed like easy money but in effect left them in dire straits.

I think that the banks should fund their own disasters but in this instance the government has stepped in and apparently they have committed all of us to a desperate gamble in an effort to save a bank (Northern Rock) from a fate brought on by it's own greed.

This is the crux of the problem. Gordon Brown has been a disaster as a PM. He is all rhetoric and no substance and I cannot think of any other term of government where anyone has fiddled for so long and done nothing. We have desperate social problems! Young feral gangs running around killing honest men trying to protect their families. Cheap booze flooding the streets and in every direction a breakdown of our society never before seen in modern history.

House repossession is sky high, we have rampant unchecked immigration, an absent police force, an incompetent Civil Service, Social Services who cannot save abused children, a transport system close to gridlock, filthy hospitals and all they waffle about is climate change and recycling!

For ten years Gordon Brown has boasted about his financial competence and we have believed him even though we are taxed to the hilt and pay over the odds for almost everything. What happens if he was lying? Everything else is almost catastrophic so why do we believe him on the economy? I hope that I am wrong, I really do, but I have a horrible suspicion that by the time we get rid of NoLab it will be too late. Gordon will dash off to his job in Europe with his gold plated pension in his back pocket and we will be left to pick up the pieces.

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