Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Barack Obama

I have refrained from joining the hysteria which surrounded the election of Barack Obama to the office of US President because frankly I cannot see a great deal changing. All though my life I have hear politicians talk about 'change'and rarely does it happen.

The bottom line is that Mr Obama is a politician. If he was going to change the way that America was governed then he would not have got a crack at the presidency. The people who really wield the power tend to steer clear of the headlines. They are certainly not going to allow a maverick, a man who wants to 'change' the way that the people are governed, to upset the applecart.

Yes he may close down Guantanamo because that has run its course but then who gets the inmates. I know who will get most of them because we have already become Europe's dumping ground for undesirables many of who reside in three of our prisons dedicated solely to foreign crooks.

After that what then? A new middle east policy? What does he do about Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan? How can he really change the inttractible positions of those concerned?

I tell you what I wish him well but I do not think he is the next messiah. I don't care that he is black I just hope that he is good!

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