Monday, 19 January 2009

I really wanted to comment on the above BLOG tonight because I would really like to get involved in their so called 'debate' but as usual there is a catch. To comment on this particular blog one has to 'register'. Well OK I don't mind submitting my E-Mail address and a password BUT...this is NoLab and of course they also want your postcode!!!

POSTCODE!? This is the blogosphere for heaven's sake but NoLab have proven time and time again that they want to control everything and everyone. I cannot comment on their BLOG unless I tell them who I am and sorry Mr Kate Garroway but you can stuff your BLOG where the sun never shines.

I would happily tell you how to harness votes but you would never understand so I won't revisit because you are not worth it! At any rate you have proven time and time again why NoLab spin will never replace honesty. We out here know that this government will go down in history as the worst ever and they continue to stifle debate.

You want my postcode before I can comment on your sacred BLOG.. yeah right!

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