Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lord Mandelsson

I read with interest today that the same journalist who met Dr David Kelly prior to his unfortunate walk in the woods has been investigating the finances of Lord Mandelsson. He seems to believe that there is a considerable shortfall between what the eminent Lord earns and what he declares.

Thanks to Andrew Gilligan the spotlight has been firmly trained on the good Lord who, after all, has form for financial shenanigans in the past. I must admit whenever I see Lord Mandelsson he reminds me of a phrase once used to describe another politician. 'There is something of the 'night' about him'. In other words I wouldn't trust him to help my mother across the road.

This bunch of NoLab leaders, the actual founders of NoLab, are in my opinion a pretty dodgy crowd. Tony Blair had very little when he became leader of the party and somehow has gained millions in his property portfolio. Where does it all come from? Yes I know that they earn quite good money and they cream off disgraceful expenses but to be able to afford property worth millions smacks of something else.

I wish Andrew Gilligan good luck! Just a word of advice mate, keep your pills in the medicine cabinet, your razors in the bathroom cabinet and don't go near the woods!!

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