Monday, 12 January 2009

Alliance and Leicester

Less than two years ago my wife and I looked around for the bank that was advertising the best rate of interest so that we could deposit money with them. Thank goodness we didn't know about the Icelandic interest rates but that is by the by.

When we opened our account we were categorically told by staff at the Alliance and Leicester that if we did not touch our money for two years they would guarantee us 6%interest. That was a lie and is typical of our banking industry. Today we are barely getting 2% on the same account and so they will lose it. I hate liars!

Gordon Brown has given billions to the banking industry to regenerate the economy and the very people who have almost collapsed the western banking system have grabbed the money and ignored his wishes. He is so weak and his policies are devoid of productive ideas. Today he announced another vaccuose initiative to create hundreds of thousands of jobs for people who have been unemployed for six months or more. Nothing to save the jobs of so many people who are currently losing their jobs!

Where do we go next to protect our savings? Well I know where I am going. I will go directly to Alliance and Leicester and close the two accounts I have with them. The place is run on a showstring and gives no customer service whatsoever. The adverts run by Nationwide who have exposed the banks who 'hoicked' people in with advertised interests rates which they have intention of honouring.

I will now look for a bank I can trust and frankly I will also seek customer service and in my home town the NatWest staff are light years ahead of anything that Santander offers.

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