Saturday, 31 January 2009

Knife Crime (again)

Despite the reassurances of Jacqui Smith, who occasionally poses as our Home Secretary, the death rate from knife crime in this country continues to rise. She persistently denies that there is a problem and certainly has done nothing to prevent it. Death after death of innocent family men and nothing changes. No Laws are passed, discussed or even suggested which will cut knife crime.

In the meantime if you are walking down a British street even hand in hand with your three year old daughter en route to visit your new born child then you can be a victim. Slash! Take that Mr ordinary, respectable, family man I can stab you because you are nothing. You are not a member of the political class who pass the laws and unlike 'Mugabe' Brown, you do not have 24 hour police protection which will eternally seal you from contact with the people who didn't elect you.

So why are we facing this problem? Take the awful case of poor Rhys Jones who was shot dead by a gang member in Liverpool. The police eventually caught them, the public convicted them and the establishment let them off. They left the court room wreathed in smiles because they had been given derisory sentences purely because this indolent government cannot provide sufficient prisons. It is shocking negligence and just another example of NoLab control. They are the people who established the Sentencing Guidelines Committee. These nameless, faceless, people tell the judges what sentences they can issue! The shame is that the spineless judiciary has allowed them to do it.

The older that I get and the more that I view our society the more I despair for the future generations. In thirty years we have dived into the madhouse with almost a relish. Since we joined the Common Market we have been destroyed from within.

Every principle that we have ever held dear has been destroyed. Heterosexual, stable marriages have been replaced by indolent single mothers or same sex partnerships. Nothing has ever been done by NoLab for their electorate unless you lie in bed all day and then ask the state to pay for it.

So now we have illegal immigrants with knives, disadvantaged, uneducated kids with knives and because we have closed down most of the mental institutes, we also have the criminally insane with knives. Good luck with you next trip to the just might get lucky!

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