Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Economy and New Labour

I am ever more concerned that a haggard looking Gordon Brown is losing the plot even more than I ever suspected. He is committed to a course of action which appears, as each day brings fresh bad news,to being a disaster for the country.

On 14 Feb 2008 I blogged the following

'For ten years Gordon Brown has boasted about his financial competence and we have believed him even though we are taxed to the hilt and pay over the odds for almost everything. What happens if he was lying? Everything else is almost catastrophic so why do we believe him on the economy? I hope that I am wrong, I really do, but I have a horrible suspicion that by the time we get rid of NoLab it will be too late. Gordon will dash off to his job in Europe with his gold plated pension in his back pocket and we will be left to pick up the pieces.'

How bad can it get before we the public start to demand a General Election? Why is David Cameron so committed to giving NoLab an easy time? We MUST get rid of NoLab before this country dies on it's feet. Our grandchildren will probably look back on this period of history and say 'What the F*** were our grandparents doing when that Scottish conman was destroying our inheritance? What will history say about us?

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