Monday, 19 January 2009

The Banking Industry TV Show - You decide!

I've just watched Vince Cable speaking in the House of Commons and I must admit he appears to be one of the few people in parliament who has got a grasp of the fundamentals of economics. In order to disguise their part in the economic downturn this government has consistently concealed the extent of the banking demise brought about by the incompetence and greed of the bankers.

They cannot however hide from the fact that they were the government in charge when this was happening and everyone knew that they encouraged personal debt to an unsustainable level. Gordon Brown also begged, borrowed and stole from any source that he could raid to feed the army of supporters that he has recruited to prop him up.

I find it appalling that we, the taxpayers, are being asked to pour billions into this black hole and yet nobody appears to know how deep the hole is. The government should bring the leading bankers to the House of Commons armed with their balance sheets and make them confess live on television what exactly their losses are, how they accrued and what they should have done to regulate it.

We should get a look at these people and then have a public vote, like a real live reality show, to decide who we believe and who merits more money. It is crazy that they have not been exposed and made accountable before they were bailed out with thirty seven billion pounds! It could get better because we could even vote who should go to jail!

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