Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Nurture Classes

I find that as I get older the more I value the concept of the nation's education. I apologise for revisiting this subject so quickly but I was directed towards it by a Channel Four programme called 'Dispatches' who attempted to highlight the problems in the modern education system through the kids who disrupt classes. They placed this as currently three quarters of a million kids!

Now I know that I have banged on about the sub culture pervading our country and the lack of support/interest shown by our MP's but this is beyond even my belief!

The problem is so severe that the more progressive schools have introduced 'Nurture' classes run by BSAs (Behavioural Support Assistants) and these people run what they call early intervention programmes. In one school 120 kids needed this kind of support.

Now don't think that I am going soft because when I was at school when we 'nurtured' the most disruptive kids with the cane and guess what; it had guaranteed results. If you thought that you were a smart arsed kid then your arsed soon smarted and you realised quite quickly to keep your mouth shut. After that the rest of the class got on with learning.

However we are in modern times and teachers are not allowed to smart the arse of the disruptive kids so how can we ensure that the most disruptive pupils are removed fron the class and reeeducated. I tell you what I was so impressed by the people who have the patience not to clonk the little b******s but to persevere and guide them back into the classroom. It was brilliant!

Then the clincher. The NoLab government who are personally responsible for the little brats who subvert the classrooms are refusing to recognise the heroic work done by these paragons of virtue. The teachers/people who are manning the battlements, the people who are on the front line of failed government initiatives cannot be afforded!

Can you believe it? The people who run the 'nurture classes', the very same people who are teaching vulnerable parents (modern language not mine) to parent... are now being told sorry...we cannnot afford you!

I have a message for all the local authorties and in particular for Gordon Brown. You have caused this mess and now you must pay for it. If, dear Gordon, you want to create one hundred thousand new jobs then here is where you start. You don't start with the non-jobs advertised at huge public expense in 'The Guardian' you recognise the people on the front line who are repairing your faiiled policies. Support the people who now require support. Put the money in where it is required. But then that was never the New Labour Project was it?

There are apparently three quarters of a million kids in need of the 'Nurture Classes' which for any civilized nation is a national disgrace. NoLab will not support this initiative because it does not enforce their aims to subvert the country and will never impose any intiative which will guarantee the decent education of our kids.

They support every crackpot idea which distracts kids from an education but they will never support innovation, enterprise and initiative. The very necessity of 'Nurture Classes' in Britain is an indictment on many years of failed government.
We are rapidly becoming accustomed to mediocrity which will soon destroy us!

Get real people we are under attack like never before!

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