Sunday, 11 January 2009

Political Correctness

I see Prince Harry slipped up again and the idiots who have ruined our native humour have once again jumped on their own particular bandwagon. What I want to know is when and why is the term 'Paki' deemed to be derogatory. If a person originates from Pakistan is it not reasonable to refer to him as a 'Paki'. What is wrong with that?

I can quite understand that if one is a Hindu or a Sikh then being called a 'Paki' would definitely be offensive. This is because only the people originating from Pakistan would want to be associated with the country. The rest of us generally regard it as a haven for lunatics, not merely because of the conduct of many of their citizens but because their beliefs, traditions and dress are so alien to the British or even to the rest of the world.

I believe that the reason that 'Paki' became an unwanted term was purely down to the alien behaviour of their citizens when they arrived in this country. So many were just unable to understand the new culture that surrounded them that they massed in ghettos and were subsequently rejected. I am sure that this spawned the hatred that emerged in the Bradford race riots and the attack on the London Tube.

The problem is that their alien way of life continues even after all these years. We still see their girls being forced into marriage and they have also been allowed to set up their own councils which hardly encourages them to integrate. Making the word 'Paki' politically incorrect does not change the situation one jot. They are still strange people in a strange country and they hate us for it even though we didn't ask them to come here in the first place!

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