Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Labourlist blog has become the biggest joke in the Blogosphere and is attracting all the rottweilers and quite rightly so. Derek Draper seems to believe that if you do not worship at the feet of the great Gordon then you are not fit to inhabit the planet.

Every adverse comment is therefore consigned to the 'trash can' which has now become, almost like an ASBO, the place to be for the activists of the blogosphere. The 'trash can' on this blog is huge but it is also very interesting.

Every reason that NoLab has lost the confidence of the electorate (unless of course that you 'owe' them) is displayed in the trash can of Labourlist. There are so many complaints, exposures and jibes that our democratic system of government is being turned into a joke. As a country we are rapidly losing our global authority because the real players will soon know that our PM, our Home Secretary and our Foreign Secretary are simply lacking in moral compass.

The banks already know it. They have been bailed out by us the taxpayer and yet they still continue like never before. They have been given money to lend to businesses and prospective homeowners and all they have done is stuff it into their trousers. Gordon is so weak he has allowed them to do it.

This NoLab blog could be the final nail in the NoLab coffin because they obviously cannot handle the reality of exposure to the electorate. There are none so blind as those who cannot see. They must realise that they are all dead in the water but as we all know this crowd will do ANYTHING to retain their power.

In my opinion this government is close to the most corrupt organisation since the exposure of the mafia. They refuse to debate major issues in parliament, they change the Freedom of Information Act in order to exclude disclosure of their expenses and they ban any form of honest debate. Their so called public enquiries are a farce and they have stuffed all government departments so full of NoLab lackeys that nothing is judged any more on meritocracy. Everything is judged on what is good for Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, Mandelsson or Hoon.

They have become ogres and I cannot believe that they have reduced our country to this nonsense. Make no mistake about it the credit crunch is global but it will bite more fiercely here than anywhere else because we have the most incompetent government.

I fear that eventually we will have to resort to social disobedience to get rid of them (we should have done it years ago) but that is because I will be too old to join in. I am still convinced that they will find an excuse to cancel the next election which will mean we will have to seize parliament by force.

OK, OK I am an old fool who knows nothing and but at the end of the day we accept everything and please remember our army is abroad fighting a fatuous war. The army officers are however just political appointees (well do you hear them complaining about the conditions that their soldiers live in) as are the police chiefs who routinely attack the law abiding and ignore the criminals.

The judges are a joke and we must accept that the appointment of a judge means that they accept NoLab policy for financial gain. So now we know that the Civil Service is NoLab, the police are Nolab, the Judiciary are NoLab, the NHS must be NoLab (sorry Mr Adam Scott Consultant Surgeon currently at Leicester General) and because of that we are all being run by people who are happy to be paid to support Gordon Brown.

Everything, everywhere has been subverted to ensure that Gordon remains in power. The opinion polls show that Gordon cannot possibly win the next electon and it doesn't matter when it happens. I hesitate to forecast that the next election will be rigged but I think that it will be.

They control everything so why will they throw it all away!

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