Monday, 26 January 2009

New Labour Lords

It is so predictably depressing that when some Sunday Times journalists decided to test the integrity of some members of the House of Lords it was the four NoLab peers who tried to grab the money. When these journalists try out a scam of this nature they do not just randomly select their targets. They must have had a fair idea that this bunch were known to be on the take.

Now comes the predictable cover up. Baroness Royall, NoLab Leader of the House of Lords, appeared on the Andrew Marr Show (with stern and serious face) stating that she did not know the details of the story (yeah I'll bet) so she could not comment until all avenues had been investigated (you know the usual guff)... yawn, yawn!

Then of course there will be the usual 'independent' Inquiry which will be carried out on narrow lines set down to ensure that the truth can never be uncovered. They will of course be adjudged to have been been negligent but not dishonest. They will have misunderstood the implications of the questions that they were asked and then everybody will apologise to everyone else and nothing will change. The four will continue to enjoy the good life until the next 'opportunity' comes along.

Champagne Socialists stick together like glue because I believe that they have so much to hide. History will judge them.

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