Thursday, 22 January 2009

The British Soldier

Anyone who visited this BLOG will know that I have a military background and one cannot ever lose the loyalties that military service brings. I still meet friends occasionally that I hold very very dear and I also know that if I was ever in serious trouble I could turn to them and they would help. It goes with the territory.

There is little doubt however that the current generation of servicemen have challenges in excess of anything that my generation confronted. Yes, we had our challenges like the Falklands and Northern Island but when we did our emergency tours our goals were very clear.

In addition we had a solid and lengthy career path which was known to all. Serve for 22 years and you retired with a good pension and a lump sum which would be a down payment on property. Many of my generation are still living comfortably because of the sensible decisions that we made the mid twentieth century and because we escaped the injuries and fatalities which some of our colleagues received

The boys and girls who serve today are no different apart from one or two little details. Under this NoLab government the service accommodation has been allowed to decay. Marry the girl of your dreams and it is highly likely that she will be billeted in a slum.

If you want protective equipment then it is best that you buy it! The QM is a mite short since Tony and Gordon came to power. The public will not really understand why you are fighting the wars that you are fighting and so when you come home from the sand dunes you don't always get the welcome you deserve. That is changing (I hope) but it has nothing to do with Gordon Brown. I have still not heard of a Cabinet Minister who has visited injured soldiers in hospital.

Now comes the latest blow to the morale of the British soldier from this hopeless and inept government. Imagine this...someone has blown your legs off and you begin the first stages of your recovery to find that the surgeon who treated you has also been forced to treat the guy who blew your legs off... and ... he is lying in the next bed to you!!

This is utterly beyond comprehension. NoLab has taken the Geneva Convention to a new high! The paragraph which says one must treat enemy wounded with respect has been totally misinterpreted. It is an insult to our trooops to award the enemy the same treatment as we reward our own. This is even more insidious becuse the Taliban do not represent a country. They are bloody terrorists who represent a religion not a country and they are fighting their own version of a holy war.

How our military surgeons subject themselves to the policies of a madhouse I do not know. I cannot however attack any surgeon because they do such a wonderful job but I do attack the people the allow the Taliban to contaminate our stretchers!

The Taliban are lowlife and many of them have parents and grandparents who live here and draw social security. If we respect our soldiers then this utter nonsense has to be halted. Patch them up and send em' back but only on the battlefield. For heaven's sake don't give them bed and board because then they will want a war wound like their parents want their dole cheque!


tb said...

At least they're fighting in their own Country.

If we weren't there shooting them, this wouldn't be a problem.

Paulene Rosa said...

I agree with "tb" it definitely wouldn't be a problem if we weren't back firing them... How ever if they want to hurt us and destroy our country then we have to fight them back and get rid of them...
And I am sorry I have not read your other blogs to know about your background...
Parachute Regiment

bryboy said...

Anybody can comment on this blog and I respect all individuals to express an opinion but from what I have heard and read many of the people who fight for the Taliban are not Afghans.

Paulene Rosa I contribute to the British Legion to support the forces because they are desperate for funds. If you are going to recruit them then you should also care for them when things go wrong.

It is only honourable to do what you can for wounded enemy but to tuck them up in bed beside our lads is in my humble opinion going a tad too far!