Saturday, 24 January 2009

BNP News

Everyone who visits this little blog knows that I am absolutely desperate to change the so called democracy of this country and frankly I don't care how it is done. The traditional parties have everything stitched up so much that if anyone challenges their core values then they are vilified.

The main stream media have representatives in all walks of life. They pose as neutrals but whenever an alternative source of democracy arrives then it is all hands to the pump. This new challenge has to be destroyed in order to maintain the type of government which has brought us almost to the brink of destruction.

Do we need a change of direction? Do we need a change of attitude? Do you crave to be part of the past in order to look to the future? I wish I could do links but I cannot. If you want to hear a different point of view, if you want to hear someone suggesting something so obvious that it is painful then visit the BNP news blog and click onto the Nick Griffin video.

Now look, you will need an hour, so just sit back and listen. Yes I know that he still has the racial overtones but can we argue against anything that he says. Can we argue against his family commitments, his views on the bankers and the community spirit he wants to instill?

If I sit back and listen to Nick Griffin's commitment and then I watch Gordon Brown's pathetic performance at PM's Question Time then I have no qualms about where my loyalties lie. Does anyone want to argue against me?


Miller 2.0 said...

Arte you made out of old copies of the Daily Express?

I worries me greatly that you used to be a civil servant.

bryboy said...

Is that the best you can do Miller 2.0? It would worry you even more if you knew my former security vetting category. Still I was hoping to drag someone out of the woodwork. What worries you? An honest opinion perhaps?