Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Spinning the Truth!

The market view is that we are all going to hell in a handcart. Everything is collapsing. The Stock Market, the pound and many industries are all going to the wall. All this from a PM who built his reputation on his management of the economy. NoLab must get rid of this imposter but who have they got to replace him?

The truth is that none of them have got any relevant experience. They are only well versed in politics but that is a superficial skill. When the going gets tough we need people with experience and proven quality and NoLab only have people who are good at spin.

Spin can be unravelled and spin is dishonest because spin, the pride and joy of NoLab, will not get you results. The ability to be clever at politics, to bury bad news on any given day, when for example people are dying, will only postpone the hard truth.

Eventually the spinners have to face the facts and then they seem to disappear. Let's look at education. Education is the bedrock of any country. If education fails then the country fails. Many years ago 'someone' decided that the grammar schools were 'elitist' and consequently they were closed down.

The grammar school was the key in the fifties to social mobility. Many kids passed the eleven plus on their way out of council house estates. I know because I was one of them. My parents brought me up in a Council estate but I passed an exam which propelled me to the top grammar school in Derby.

Now Harriet Harman talks about social mobility. What a joke! She of the poshest of posh schools wants social mobility? She knows nothing about struggle and that bast**d Ed Balls who interferes with any attempt to educate our children properly. What a disgraceful crowd of pseudosocialists they are.

They are only good at spin and the markets know it. They have been found out but they still cling to power even though they have been complicit in the worst financial performance that this country has ever seen. We are going bankrupt for heaven's sake and yet what do the do? Do they reign back the banks, jail the directors of the said banks come up with any original or even vaguely interesting ideas? Er no... we just borrow more.

We must get rid of them folks!

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