Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Streets of Paris!

Tonight I watched the French confront their gendarmes on the streets of the cities in France. Their beef? They were protesting about their governments reaction to the credit crunch. They believe that President Sarcozy is giving the banks an easy time despite the fact that they let their nation down. Can you believe that? A million people have apparently erupted with fury because they believe that their government has let them down.

Ha! Mon dieu! Those crazy French have once again demonstrated how latin they are. Have they no restraint? Where is their stiff upper lip? Surely they should all quiver like we do whenever Gordon Brown pronounces that he is the best person to lead us to the promised land and the current financial position of this once great nation has been destroyed by his actions.

We will never rid ourselves of this destroyer unless we physically get rid of him. I cannot believe that his own party are prepared to allow him to continue when he is destroying them and our country. Still I suppose that for most of them another eighteen months of slurping in the public trough will set them up for life.

Why have we all become cowards? It is so shameful that the French are showing us the path ahead.

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