Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The £100,000 Public Sector Club

Most of us now believe that  public sector salaries are out of control. This is not just happening in this country it is also happening in the United States and if we are to believe the video on YouTube featuring Curtis Bowers entitiled 'Grinding down America' which I featured a few days ago it is a deliberate attempt to undermine both countries from within.

It is actually a very cunning plan. Some time in our lives we all become vulnerable, we get ill, have accidents, become old, get burgled or have children. In every instance we need assistance which we pay for through our taxes. Invariably we admire the people who come to our assistance because often they face danger and work unsocial hours.

Now if you going to undermine countries from within what better than to subvert the very organisations that we trust and rely upon. I believe that this is what has happened and it has been through the media of 'Health and Safety'. All our emergency services have been neutered by Health and Safety regulations and risk assessments to such an extent that we have had policemen watching people drown unable to act through fear of contravening the rules.

How did it happen? It is my opinion the secretive government recruitment organisation 'Common Purpose' have recruited malleable individuals to ensure that their plan is implemented (Common Purpose is alleged to have EU support). We have therefore seen our vital services disrupted to such an extent that even we can't trust them any more.

In every case we have individuals on salaries of £100,000 or more ensuring that they our vital services remain inoperable. This is their reward for their treachery. This is how their loyalty is bought. It is a classic ploy used by the Rothschilds centuries ago and still appears effective in modern times.

Today in the Daily Mail comes news that 1000 head teachers now earn over £100,000 per annum. Nobody in public service deserves a six figure salary. It is way over the top but every time I read of a six figure public sector salary I damned well know what their brief is. We are probably the only country in Europe where our children cannot play safely in the streets.

Our children cannot play outdoors despite all the six figure public sector salaries. Our elderly are not safe in our hospitals despite the six figure public sector salaries. Our 999 calls are ignored despite the six figure public sector salaries. Many children leave education unable to read or write despite six figure public sector salaries. I could continue all morning but you all know that my laments mirror life for the public in today's society.

So when you read of someone in the public sector being rewarded with a six figure salary then you also know that they are probably serving an alien power dedicated to bringing the country down from within. They have an alien agenda and we must not trust them. This country used to have a crime called 'treason' until the politicians removed it from the statute books!

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