Saturday, 2 April 2011

Town Hall Fatcats!

The Tax Payer's Alliance, the organisation which prides itself on keeping an eye on the public services so that they don't secretly squander our council tax on themselves, has published details of every town hall fatcat who earns over £100,000. Remember that is far more than a bog standard MP earns and doesn't include expenses.

Of course I just had to have a peep at our local  Leicestershire County Council. I actually have been told that last year they wrote to their former employees and told them that there would be no increase in occupational pensions because inflation had not gone up enough!!

So what did I find: Chief Executive £231,000, Director of Children and Young Persons Service £198,000 (27.7% increase), Director of Corporate Resources (what!) £176,000, Director of Environment and Transport £157,000, Director of Adults and Communities (what does that mean?) £157,000, Director of Community Services £141,000, County Solicitor £139,000, Assistant Chief Executive £110,000, Executive Director East Midlands Council, £109,000.

If that is not enough there are a further 10 positions which command six figure salaries but were not detailed in the report on Chief Officers. So we the Council Tax payers spend almost three and a half MILLION pounds and we have not filled a pothole, we have not paid a teacher and we have not collected a bin; all we have done is pay 19 employees!

So that's alright then!

PS Oh by the way the Chief Executive of Charnwood Borough Council is also on over £130,000. I just thought that I would cheer you up! Are you angry yet?

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