Tuesday, 5 April 2011

David Cameron and Pakistan

I just shook my head in despair this lunch time when I heard that David Cameron had been striding the globe again, this time visiting Pakistan. Of course as it is Pakistan one has to take them 'presents' and David went well armed with £650 million pounds of tax payer's money ostensibly to help them with 'educational' projects.

Is this not the same man who stands up in Parliament every Wednesday telling the British electorate that we have not got a pot to pee in and as NoLab left us with the largest decifit in our history we will have to 'cut' almost everything. Despite this he manages to find a spare £650 MILLION quid to shove into the grasping hands of a Pakistani politician! How can he expect that we would think that this is reasonable! We already shower foreign aid onto this country like no tomorrow.

He then compounds the felony by showering compliments on an 'old friend' that has spent the past 10 years pouring Taliban over the Afghan border against our troops. He is obviously playing a game that most of us have got no access to but I don't care what game he is playing he should leave this particular country to its own culture. They have no love for us and never will have. Yuck!

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