Thursday, 28 April 2011

Even more are on the way......

It is often quite difficult to keep one step ahead of the politicians, bankers and those who want to change the world and have the money and power to do so. Sometimes one has to believe the unbelievable and then pinch oneself to ensure that your sanity is intact. Time after time I frown and carry on doing my day to day tasks quite unable to comprehend what my mind is telling here goes!

Why all of a sudden did North Africa go up in flames! Remember first we had Egypt and then Tunisia followed closely by Morocco and finally the piece de resistance when the people rebelled against Gaddafi. Who had the power and influence to ensure that one after the other these people who have been oppressed for centuries would suddenly all rise up together. Apparently it wasn't a Muslim inspired rebellion so why now?

Of course it doesn't concern us back here in dear old 'Blighty' because it is only a bunch of goatherders flexing their muscle against tyranny. It will soon be back to normal again. Then I read about Italian politicians warning of a humanitarian crisis as thousands of Tunisian immigrants had landed on the island of Lampedusa.

Still nothing to worry about...Lampedusa is a long way from Lambeth! Then I read about the French, of all people, wanting to revisit the Schengen Agreement which effectively abolished border controls between EU member states in 1985. What had stirred up the French I wondered...then I found the answer.

With the whole of North Africa in turmoil just imagine if the immigrants wanting to escape the war zone found a way into Europe. It is clear that they are probing and it looks as if Ventimiglia is the weak spot! OK Ventimiglia is still a long way from Dover but it is on the borders of France and France is only 21 miles from Dover. Do you see where I am going?

We already have thousands of people from North Africa living in this country and I suppose they are the more aspirational but with hordes of East Europeans now eligible for benefits can we really open our doors/boundaries to North African immigrants as well? It is verging on madness and make no mistake they will head for the UK because we are the 'soft touch' of the EU.

It has occurred to me that most of us have so far been affected very little by the mass immigration. It is only when we are exposed to the huge swathes of inner city areas where we are now the alien people that one begins to realise the future.  How long will it be before every village in the land will be issued with an ultimatum to accept into their community  half a dozen North African families? If they can protect the 'travellers' they can 'Human Right' us into oblivion.

The people who are turning the world on its head have a plan. Eventually that plan will affect you! The only way to stop it is to vote nationalist on 5th May and elect people who will challenge the established political class.


Julian said...

You are preaching to the converted here, of course. I wonder if people will wake up before this becomes a crisis of epidemic proportions? Of course it is tough for Italy, another overcrowded island with its own financial difficulties. Here we have the problem on 1st May that economic migrants from many new EU member states will be able to come here. If that doesn't wake people up then on 1st May 2014 the gates will be open to those from Romania, Bulgaria and the other states that joined the EU in 2007, which may still be before the next general election.

bryboy said...

It is becoming even more important that the people recognised the threat and vote accordingly. The problem is the lack of information in the MSM. We are having to trawl the Internet to wheedle out the info. We must also reform the benefits system like they said they would. If we didn't have the incentives we wouldn't have the problem.