Friday, 15 April 2011


The bowling season opens for my home club tomorrow. The weather forecast seems favourable and once again old friends and opponents will emerge from their winter cocoons and challenge each other in a sport that is quintessentially English or even British.

This is, of course, not a sport which would interest the new 'incomers' but give it time. At the moment it is a private club which has not been breached by the 'alien' forces from abroad. I just wonder how soon it will take the first turban or burka to arrive on the green. Frankly we should not worry about it but privately we all know that a line must be drawn in the sand.

In the meantime however, we will once again enjoy our release from world politics. We will enjoy our summer evenings and afternoons free from the pressures of the politicians. But one day I fear that that they will find us and descend upon us and ruin our old age. Every bastion of our society has been ruined and destroyed. It will only take them time. In the meantime everyone have a really great season. The anticipation is wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the little white jack everybody would like to hit him a lot

bryboy said...

Nice one anonymous! It got thumped this afternoon.