Wednesday, 13 April 2011

So it was all planned many years ago!

Yesterday I was invited back to my old office as a 'Guest of Honour' to celebrate that a good friend was moving onto to greener pastures. It is five years since I retired with ill health following a life saving operation so I was a little apprehensive to return as an outsider. I expected to see a lot of new faces but I got a huge shock. The place had hardly changed, the same faces were all still there and I got a lovely welcome.

Of course during the conversations I was asked about retirement and began to recount my involvement with the blogosphere and how I had been educated by the 'awkward squad', my use of YouTube to find the truth and I told them of the 'arrest' of the judge at Birkenhead. I could see mouths dropping open because these people do not have time to find out what is happening. They are too busy surviving. It was not a rant and I did use a lot of humour but today it was my jaw that dropped open!

Ever since I began this blog I have been convinced that this country has been under a sustained attack from people determined to change the whole social structure of the country. I left school in 1958 and in those days we had a real structure to our lives. We had true democracy and everyone knew their place in society. There were rules to follow but social mobility was always possible through the grammar school system where everyone got an opportunity to improve their lifestyle if you worked hard and used your intelligence.

Since I left school the system has been corrupted and eroded and I have lived through the changes. I always found it difficult to accept and that is one of the reasons that I began this blog. Despite my misgivings I could not put my finger on the exact cause of my concern. Then yesterday Captain Ranty posted a video from Youtube and I went cold as I watched it. You can find it here...I think that it exposes everything that I have believed. I strongly advise you to watch it and then remember that the book was written in 1958! These traitors have been destroying Britain for fifty years.

Is it too late to turn it around? Do we start on 5th May by ignoring the Westmonster parties!


Captain Ranty said...

Tell you what Bry, I am a bit worried.

The more I dig the more I find.

The Illusion is total. And yet they don't hide it. The information, as unpleasant as it is, is right there for anyone to see.

Thanks for the link too. It sent several of your readers my way.


bryboy said...

I agree CR. It is huge! They have been building it for fifty years. It has been hidden by the charade at Westmonster. All three party leaders are masking the threat. Westmonster is a myth, they no longer have any power (look at the debacle over votes for prisoners). John Prescott just laughed at the vote in the Commons. We have all been done over like a kipper. What are we going to do about it? We could start by voting for UKIP and the BNP (or the Christian Alliance) on 5th May and ignore the AV vote which is just a nonsense. WE WANT A PROPER REFERENDUM!