Monday, 4 April 2011

Proportional Representation

It is all well and good criticising our politicians for not creating a democratic electoral system.  If you are going to criticise the first past the post system then you also have to create a viable alternative. So I intend to create that alternative and illustrate just how an English Parliament would be comprised.

The English Parliament is the anathema of the europhiles because they want the destruction of the country England. They still fear the power of the English public even though the English public have acquiesced to everything that the europhiles have advanced. Why should the English not have their own parliament when their near neighbours, no their partners  in the United Kingdom have already turned their backs on the alliance?

They already have self government on so many issues which the British parliament fund. For example the Scottish administration trumpet that their students do not pay for their education and that they still have free prescriptions. This is not fair and is probably a result that English taxpayers are paying for these advantages which the Scots enjoy.

So do we not need an English Parliament? Should we not elect one and if we did how would it stack up? Well for a bit of fun I intend to construct an English parliament on the lines of proportional representation based on the election results of 2010. It will take a little time so please be patient but on an initial survey we in Loughborough have a shock. Andy Reed gets elected under proportional representation!!

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