Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Proportional Representation

This is a huge project that I am engaged in and it is not easy. The reason that I am doing it is that I want to demonstrate that a democratic electoral system is quite difficult. I like the concept of AV but frankly it is not viable unless you make voting compulsory like the Australians do. If you don't insist on that it will be very difficult to reach the 50% .

If we abandon the first past the post system then we risk the hideous proposal that the LibDems will forever be involved in Coalition politics. I believe that the only way to take the country forward is for the EU sceptics to forget self interest and bond together to defeat Europe. It is little use to belong to a Conservative party when they are not conservatives. We desperately need a Nationalist presence in this country.

Nationalism in the UK has become a dirty word and it should not be. There is no harm in supporting the indigenous population and it will inevitably include people who were not born here, who came to this country for a better life and who want, not to be British, but to follow the traditional British way of know... democracy!

It is beginning to become a forgotten concept in this country. Some of us belong to this country. It is our home, we don't want to go anywhere else, all our friends are here and we don't want to change our way of life. I have nothing against any Muslim (or any other religion) but I don't want to change my way of life. If I did I would go and live in another land.

It is becoming a straight fight folks and you must make your mind up. You either support the EU or you support  the UK. It is time to take sides... there is no middle! 

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