Friday, 8 April 2011

The Mau Mau! My sainted Aunt... what next?

I have often posted that the EU is desperate to find any excuse to throw our money down the drain. It has been going on for years so when another lunatic legal escapade is paraded before the public you just know that it will go in front of a sympathetic judge  and it will eventually cost you and I a small fortune.

These lawyers follow the army around looking for any chink of light and then they dig up an excuse for a legal fight. Look what they did with 'Bloody Sunday' in Ireland the the number of 'abused' Iraqis who have found their way to our shores but the latest is almost obscene.

Who found these people? I learned to read by reading reports of Mau Mau terrorists from the Daily Mirror. It scared me to death because this really was a nasty little rebellion and the British weren't the only ones committing atrocities. Who on Earth would want to dig it up sixty years later? Of course it is all under the umbrella of the Human Rights Act but this is ridiculous.

For years the squandering of British money was carried out surreptitiously but now they are slipping up. Maybe they haven't got much time left before the Euro collapses and like Gordon Brown they are desperate to break us before they go down themselves. Whatever the reason this is ridiculous and if David Cameron is not acting on behalf of the EU he should send them all packing.

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