Saturday, 30 April 2011

The 'Royal' she still the Queen?

The Queen to open Terminal 5

Captain Ranty has made quite an impact on the blogosphere by his fearless stance against the establishment through his knowledge of the law. He was recently asked to guest write for a new blog 'Orphans of Liberty' and chose as his first post to explain the difference between 'Freemen' and 'Lawful Rebellion'. His articles were informative but the comments were almost explosive.

He clearly believes and he is supported by others, that the Queen actually signed away her rights to be the monarch of this country in order to become a citizen of Europe. According to Hansard, the official record of parliamentary proceedings, Ken Clarke (the then Home Secretary) declared on 1 Feb 1993 that the Queen was now a citizen of Europe. Now personally I don't see how our Queen can be a citizen of Europe because that makes her equal to say Mrs Carole Middleton!

If that is true then have not the British public been duped? All those lovely people celebrating the 'royal' marriage, singing the national anthem with passion and emotion, cheering and waving their flags were actually witnessing a monumental charade. Since I began writing this blog I have discovered very many charades but could this be one step too many?

I don't want to believe that the Queen has quietly signed away her rights to the monarchy. Surely someone somewhere who has knowledge of the constitutional rights of the monarchy would have stopped her doing it or protested publically that what she was about to do was wrong? Surely there has been a constitutional loophole that Captain Ranty and his supporters have missed?

Ever since I got involved with this blog I have constantly been amazed at just how devious and underhand the European Union has become. Even so to subvert a monarch, our Queen, is surely going too far? I am open for education and enlightenment!


Captain Ranty said...

Thank you for the two links Bry.

I believe, firmly, that most people want to go on thinking that it is all real. The problem with taking away one reality means that you have to be ready with another reality to replace it with.

I don't have one.

The Illusion is palpable, and as long as people do not dig too deeply, there is no reason it cannot continue for another thousand years.

It is hard to un-see and to un-learn once you know that the emperor is stark naked.

Harder still, to put in place the reality that we have been duped.

Completely and utterly.

That you are equal to the queen is mind-blowing, but because of her (knowing or unknowing) duplicity, it is even more staggering to learn that you rank above her.


Zoompad said...

"the Queen actually signed away her rights to be the monarch of this country in order to become a citizen of Europe."

But she had no authority to do that, and the EU had no right to ask her. The Queen is only the Queen by proxy - if you look at what the Divine Right of Kings rests on, you can clearly see that the authority she has is from God.

Something which passed by most people was the invitation given by the British Parliament to a little old man who resides in a tiny little country stuck onto the side of Italy. He was invited to sit in the place where the Queen ought to have been sitting, next to the Archbishop of Canterbury. What they did last year was an act of Hifgh Treason, and they did it in front of the whole world.

That Throne is not Elizabeth Windor's to give away, it belongs to Jesus Christ. The Queen was merely the person who was keeping it warm until he returns. If the Queen was decieved or bullied into doing this wicked thing, she should say so at once, and those who have committed treason should be rounded up and placed under arrest, and brought to trial.

bryboy said...

Tks for your input guys. To be honest I was hoping that someone would explain to me how the Queen had not in effect resigned her monarchy. She doesn't, even now, come across as a person who would make an ill considered decision. I do not understand her motives because she had much to lose; not least the loyalty and affection of a nation.