Monday, 18 April 2011

To AV or not to AV... that is the question!?

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that there is no perfect electoral system. I am still working on my attempt to create an English Parliament based on proportional representation just to see if we could get a clear government under that system. So far it has proven difficult particularly when allocating the odd seats gained by UKIP and the BNP. It seems rather unfair that some constitiuencies have to accept a minority party just to fulfill quotas.

It is however clear that in the eyes of the south, east and west (with the exception of immigrant London) and the odd major town (ie Luton) Labour as a party hardly exists. They only come into their own in the major cities or as one moves north. Only the North East remains stubbornly socialist left wing.

Any examination of the electoral results of 2010 highlights that the mass immigration programme initiated by New Labour has actually kept them in business; that and the largesse of the BBC and the mass media outlets. By the time that I am finished I hope to illustrate that this country is profoundly misrepresented.

Of course it doesn't help with the question of AV or no AV. I must admit when I see chancers like John Reid supporting David Cameron against the AV vote against top sportsmen who seem to favour the No AV vote then I do wonder. I do like the idea that minority parties would get a foothold but then I am just not sure that they would.

Heh I still have a few weeks to think about it!

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