Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Unions....a genuine force for evil!

The growing militancy of the Trade Unions in this country ever since their beloved Labour Party got booted out of power by an exasperated electorate is predictable. It is clear to anyone wth an ounce of common sense that the bloated public sector which grew alarmingly under NoLab and Gordon Brown needs to be reformed.

Not so long ago we had the nurses railing against reforms proposed by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. During this debate it became increasingly clear that the nurses union would not agree to anything proposed by a Conservative Minister. Now the teachers have entered the fray with the NUT threatening 'months of strikes' based on a perceived threat to pensions.

You will note that never a thought is cast in the directions of the patients or the pupils. There are older school pupils who could be severely affected by months of strikes by teachers. You see they only get one bite at education. A strike at the wrong time may affect them for some cases forever! That however is never the concern of the union officials, usually full time union officials and invariably very well rewarded union officials.

Their entire philosophy appears to be based on destruction. Everywhere in the public sector standards have nose dived. More people have been employed but in every case the service to the public has considerably diminished. It doesn't matter where you look the standards have slipped alarmingly and most of this can be layed firmly at the feet of bullying union officials.

Any matron or head teacher who attempts to raise those failing standards is immediately confronted by 'the union'; the same union that will protect and defend, the ignorant, the sloppy, the lazy, the wasteful, the disloyal and the greedy. The government will one day have to confront these unions in a big way but where is the modern Margaret Thatcher when you need her!? Not in this parliament and that is almost guaranteed!


William said...

I seriously want ALL public sector unions to go out on prolonged strikes. It would be the ideal way to shrink it if not kill vast swathes of it off altogether.

bryboy said...

That is a valid point William but I cannot help but feel sorry for the kids who could be affected. In this economic era these teachers should count themselves lucky that they can look forward to a pension when so many cannot! Tks for your interest.

William said...

Kids are THE most resilient and inventive section of the nation. Having pulled my youngest out of the state brainwashing machine in 2009 I can state with some authority kids are better off without state "education".

bryboy said...

Glad to have you with me William. That must have taken courage but I reckon you are 100% correct. Every day I see my dears exposed to the modern society. I know that I can't protect them as much as I could not be protected, BUT... today the threat is politically engineered.

bewick said...

Once upon a time I worked at a senior level in LA LA land and had, among my duties, industrial relations responsibilities.
The marxist Nalgo (now Unison)union reps called a full strike of the Education Dept office staff. Can't remember the issue but it was very minor. The marxists though believed that they should run the Authority.(they still do)
Now believe it or not the strike did indeed have serious implications for the running of schools.The office staff included administrative and other professional staff.
There was a fair amount of "dead wood" amongst the strikers but managers never had the bottle to sack them.( I sacked at least 2 of my own staff for incompetence!)
Legally we had but 2 choices - sit it out and negotiate - in practice concede, OR sack the lot and let them re-apply for their jobs getting rid of the dead wood in the process.
I advised that we state that the latter was our likely intention (it wasn't really but oh how I wished) if they didn't return to work.The Director of Education hadn't the cojones so the unions won again.
I must say that at that time the teacher unions were pussy-cats in comparison to Unison. How things change. Now the whole bloody lot are marxists. Union reps usually are bad at their main jobs and unlikely to progress. Union work is another way of getting power. Losers