Monday, 25 April 2011

Immigration - UK - here they come again!

Migrants in UK

As from next Sunday be prepared to be swamped by immigrants from seven East European countries. They all joined the EU seven years ago and under EU rules they could not enjoy the UK benefit system for seven years. So very few of them probably thought it viable to upsticks and move to the UK. Unfortunately the seven years have now expired so the EU plot to turn the UK into a hybrid mish mash population can once again proceed.

I found the report tucked away in the Daily Mail many pages from the front page and of course with parliament in recess I don't see any of our Political Class protesting about this new influx. It has the potential to be enormous and yet nobody in Westmonster has even mentioned it. Despite the pressure in some areas on housing, education, health and crime the Political Class hope that nobody notices it before the 5th May elections.

They want to keep you in the dark so that when it eventually transpires that the taxpayer has an even greater burden to bear it will of course be too late. You will not find this information on any election leaflet issued by the Con/LibDem/Lab parties because they don't want you to know! I did find it here though! Wake up before it is too late and vote for yourselves on 5th May!

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