Thursday, 7 April 2011

On and On it goes!

The attack on the English indigenous population continues unabated and still most of them are totally unaware that one day they will wake up to discover that the democracy they take for granted is under threat. My blogging brother up in Cumbria has given his eloquent summing up of our relationship with the EU.

Julian is very moderate in comparison with the Penguin who exposes yet another example of wasted police funding. How can they justify this total nonsense?

Then we have the Cameron visit to Pakistan which has outraged so many of us Nationalists see Snivelling Little Bastard and all of them are right. Our Political Class and our Bonus Class no longer represent us the indigenous population. Yet right across Europe there is no sense of rebellion. We have Greece, Eire and Portugal in financial meltdown and not anyone on the streets. We have Belgium unable to form a government and the Italian Prime Minister in court accused of sex offences and nobody on the streets.

We have the Middle East and North Africa in flames but not a flicker in Europe. The Germans for example are paying through the nose for Greece, Eire and Portugal and boy are they paying! You see unlike us, they have an economy so it will take a helluva lot more to destroy them. I suspect that the Germans will protest heavily before they are brought to their knees.

I agree with Julian (One Foot in the Grave) the Euro is doomed. The socialist conspiracy to wreck the economy of the western world is well under way but I suspect the Germans will one day really object to their demise. |In the meantime we continue, through the media , to pay homage to a flawed political system. The same people are dragged before the cameras to continue the facade. Think about it ...what can Ed Balls contribute? Yet he is never off the box.

The same crew perpetuate the myth. Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, John Prescott, Harriet Harman, Kirsty Wark, Andrew Marr, Stephanie Flanders they are all there to blind you about the reality of our government. They are all being paid by the EU to make you believe that we are still in control of our destiny.

The only thing that you should question is that; why can we bail out Portugal, why can we bomb Libya, why can we continue an indefinite war in Afghanistan, why can we bung Pakistan millions of pounds but when we, the people, need some keep public toilets open, to maintain libraries and to protect our elderly and our children then suddenly we cannot afford it!

It is effing nonsense! Neither David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband or The Queen are on your side. Your only salvation lies in the blogosphere, or with Nigel Farage or....a person who keeps telling you the real truth... here !

Sorry but that is a fact! They keep banging on but in comparison to the parties who sustain the EU they are the only honest guys in town. I know that we don't like the cut of their gib but it takes courage to rail against the EU. Oh dear I have now probably upset everyone but I have to keep telling it how I see it  regardless of popularity.

Time to go to bed! 


NewsboyCap said...


I could not agree more, a very passionate post keep up the good work,one day the people will wake up and 650 politico's will be in for a whole lot of trouble.

William said...

Actually Belgium are showing us the way to go if we pay attention!

I'd love to comment on Julians site but he doesn't allow Name/URL type commenting no matter yours does!

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys. We keep trying to pass the message on. I am sure that Julian will pick up on your comment William. We have never even met but I reckon our father got around a bit!!! Our brains, for whatever reason, coincide, which is scary but comforting. If we keep hammering home the message somebody may pick up on it.