Sunday, 24 April 2011

Not Wanted at the Wedding...or anywhere else?

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The Sunday media, both in print and on the airwaves, is making capital over the revelation that former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have not been invited to 'that' wedding! Frankly it doesn't cut much ice with me either way but for them it is a particularly serious omission!

When one has held the highest political office in the land there really ought to be some measure of respect which would ensure a diplomatic invitation even if they were personally not liked but to erase them from recent history is really quite serious. I can't quite remember a more calculated snub given the circumstances so

perhaps Cherie Blair will remember being photographed yawning with her gob wide open on a royal occasion. Oh and of course if I recall correctly she did have a little problem with the curtsey! I won't speculate on how Gordon upset the royals but perhaps they were concerned that he would regard someone with an opinion as a bigot!

That apart I cannot personally be happier than to see the two people, who have done more than anyone else to deliberately destroy the character of our nation, being humiliated in public. They deserve so much more!


Julian said...

Fascinating. Could you imagine Margaret Thatcher not being invited had a similar event occurred within a year of her leaving office? Perhaps the royals are as sick of the political class as the rest of us.

bryboy said...

Hi Julian, yes I actually find it astonishing. There is little doubt that this has been calculated. it is the most immense snub!

It would appear that the royals have given the elite socialists the most enormous two fingered salute but then why Ed Miliband and his bird? He is only the leader of the opposition! If you debar Blair and Brown then why not the 'Red Ed'? Is there more to this? I so hope so!