Thursday, 14 April 2011

David Cameron and his Opposition!

SKy news has just reported that David Cameron wants to extinguish all extremist parties! What he really means is that he want to extinguish all legitimate opposition. He has yet to define what he means by 'extremist' but I suppose he is turning his attention in particular on UKIP and the BNP who are currently the last vestige of legitimate opposition in the country.

So in the interest of fairness I went back to YouTube to find out some background to these 'extremists' who he is targetting and I found one. I urge you to listen to her and then make up your own mind.


Julian said...

Having read parts of Cameron's speech I think what he was trying to say was that by addressing the concerns people have about immigration he will remove the anxieties that cause people to support extremist parties. As with anything Cameron says, it's all PR gloss over the same old content so I can't see him succeeding. But I don't believe he intended to censor or ban extremist parties which your quote may have implied.

I did watch the clip of the BNP supporter. Whilst I'm sure many BNP supporters are not racist I believe that Nick Griffin is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I've seen his clips too and I believe he still has the same racist agenda, he is just trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

bryboy said...

Hi Julian, I agree with you about Nick Griffin and frankly in my opinion, they would be better of under Stephen Darby. Reading the comments on their website however, I think many of their followers, like the woman in the film, are genuine in their beliefs. They see themselves as nationalists not racists
I agree with you in another respect that only UKIP have a real chance of making an impression with the electorate. I probably wouldn't vote BNP but I do get sick of the vitriol poured in their direction for opposing the socialist elite. They need guts to stand up like that.