Thursday, 28 April 2011

I am not a royalist  by nature. I have a funny feeling that the Queen signed away her monarchy in favour of the EU many years ago. However this young couple have the ability to do so much good in the years to come. They could be the world ambassadors for decency and boy do we need decency in this corrupt and decadent world.

I warned against the euphoria when Barack Obama was elected but something tells me that this couple are different. They have taken their time, they know the modern challenges ahead and they are comfortable in the spotlight. This is not Princess Diana (thank goodness) because she was betrayed. I think the Royal Family have learned from Princess Diana because the people loved her but her husband didn't.

Look at the photograph above! They really are a couple and a couple who have the influence to change the country and the politics of the country. I find it reassuring that the really dreadful former PMs Brown and Blair were left off the guest list. I believe that this was a statement of intent. We think that you did not bat for the UK so you are not on our guest list.

Brown is a real life 'Jonah'' and Blair was a  selfish 'shit' so they are well rid of both of them. If it is, as it has been claimed, that Prince William is personally behind their exclusion from this wedding then I think that we are seeing an insight into his mindset. Wow perhaps William is determined to be a force for good! My God we need a strong and forceful royal. We need a person of conviction who will bat for us. This couple have an opportunity to change the country.

I really hope that they live up to my optimism. In years to come I hope that my prediction that William and Kate Middleton (as they are now) will become forces to be reckoned with.  I have a funny feeling that Diana will be looking down from above and would approve of her eldest son's choice of bride. She will be and is a stunner. I won't be watching but I wish them all the best because they deserve all the support that we can muster. 

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Oldman said...

Don't get your hopes up. This wedding has no conection with reality.