Monday, 11 April 2011

The Sexualisation of our Children!

So France has banned the burkha and personally I can understand why they have done it....but it is a dangerous precedence. It gives the radicalised Muslims an opportunity to draw attention to themselves. It should be left to the westernised Muslim community, and there are plenty, to win hearts and minds. We in the western world are fighting a totally different battle and that is how do we get our young girls to cover up!

Fashion and the media are turning children into adults long before that change is due. We have a duty to reverse this trend but nobody is addressing the problem. It is huge! Internet porn is widely available to anyone and everyone. Some sites require registration but just 'Google' Tuberholic and the world is your oyster!

Don't tell me that the worldwise kids don't 'google' 'Tuberholic'. Then of course they pass this knowledge to their friends and unfortunately it will arrive with my lovely granddaughters and it will temporarily ruin their lives. I cannot understand why any 'responsible' government does not close down 'Tuberholic' and insist that all such sites should be registration only.

It is a small step but I suppose the problem is world wide and no government has control of another country's media. However  the world communities (the bankers) do wield a lot of power and they could go after the owners of this filth.  They choose not to, just as they choose not to go after the fashion industry for their sexualisation of children or the media for their irresponsibility where our children are concerned.

Everywhere are children are under attack. Everyone is against child porn but nobody stops it! We have a continued effort to expose them but it is never enough. Why have we allowed this? Why is nobody in government exposing it? Why do we tolerate the rubbish which is in front of your nose?

I think that I know the answer but you will have to judge for yourselves.

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