Thursday, 21 April 2011

You Have Been Warned!

No sooner do I post about the dangers of further involvement in Libya, than Dr Liam Fox our Defence Minister, confirms the worst of my fears. When someone like him openly predicts that we are on the verge of yet another lengthy and useless conflict then we really must sit up and take notice. It is now crystal clear that our politicians are not on the side of the people. Everything that I have speculated upon, all the conspiracy theories and the wild stabs in the dark about the intentions of the EU are becoming depressingly obvious.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the Political Class is so confident of their unassailable position that they care not a jot about public perceptions. How can they involve us in a second 'Afghanistan' without so much as a debate in Westmonster? Where is the opposition? Oh yeah I forgot there is no opposition...only Red Ed Miliband and Ed Balls and their 'children' of the EU sitting smugly opposite a PM who has 'transformed' his party into a middle of the road conglomeration of EU apologists.

What is happening to this country? We have judges allowing those with money to cover up their behavioural crimes. We have foreign criminals escaping deportation. At every turn our society is being disrupted and destroyed. Every cornerstone upon which our society was built is being removed. It is being done with intention and the people who are doing it appear regularly in the media. Years ago we had a word for them and there was a crime called 'treason' until the politicians removed it from the statute book.


bewick said...

too many late nights Bryboy? Or fingers ignoring brain? (happens to us all)
You surely meant deportation rather than deportment

Jacobite said...

All straight from the Frankfurt school all going nicely to plan.

bryboy said...

Ha! Tks Bewick...what a howler! I wrote that this morning so perhaps I should stick to the late nights!