Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Democracy is dying! Ask the people in Bexley!

I do like to support the 'awkward squad' because in this country at the moment they are the only people exposing the corruption by the town hall 'fatcats'. In so many cases there is unchecked corruption in local government. They have been made to publish their expenditure of items over £500 but their explanations are gobbledegook to the layman. For example a lot of money seems to be allocated to Parish Council 'precepts'. This is the money given to Parish Councils and to me it seems an awful lot.

Unfortunately I do not yet have the expertise to challenge council expenditure but down at Bexley it is a different story. A group of individuals are exposing the disgraceful behaviour of their local council who have a track record second to none. These guys have banded together and are actually waging a war against their council their humour is commendable uncder the circumstances.

I reckon jail beckons for some of these people on the council if the government are forced to act. Of course if the current track record of the Political Class is maintained then it will probably be the individuals who will be threatened and prosecuted. 

You will need some time to follow their battle so I suggest that you bookmark Bexhill is Bonkers and when you have the time return to the fight then also visit 'You've been Cromwelled' and admire their determination. These guys are on a mission they should be better supported by democracy. Perhaps we should ask The Political Class what has happened to democracy in this country but then we already  know their answer.

Remember we vote on 5th May. I ask yet again do not vote for the three main Westmonster parties. Pick a small party, do what you have to do but reject the parties who are supporting the EU. For heaven's sake ..wake up before it is too late!

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The Bexley is Bonkers Team said...

Nice write up so many thanks from the Bexley is Bonkers Team; but we are from Bonkers Bexley, not Bexhill. :-)