Thursday, 14 April 2011

The New World Order and the Banking System and us!

The problem with 'surfing' the Internet on a particular subject is that it is so vast and unregulated. It means that anyone can post anything and sometimes it lies dormant just waiting for you to find it.

I have to confess that the 'Grinding Down America' clip made a huge impression on me because it struck so many chords. The history of our problems runs parralel with the those recounted by Curtis Bowers. The time frame is similar so it would appear that both countries had been targetted. Americans have individually been challenging government honesty and policy just like Nigel Farage challenges the EU. There are many examples on good old YouTube but the one I like best is Aaron Russo who, before his death, cast aspersions on so much government activity including the 9/11 disaster.

Then I found a History of the Federal Reserve and I became fascinated. Now I am no expert but in short I think that this guy is actually saying that the banking system is all smoke and mirrors. The Rothschilds found a way to hold countries to ransom with money that they didn't actually have. Frankly it is ingenious but so utterly evil that it has corrupted the world.

It would now appear that the Rothschilds have been responsible for almost every major violent act in the world since the 18th century. They have engineered wars, financial collapses and organised almost every emergency which we have encountered apart from natural disasters.

I am beginning to wonder if our own 26/7 London Tube disaster was not organised. There is evidence to suggest that the Intelligence services knew about the plot beforehand. On the day it happened the inquest proved that the emergency services were actively prevented from entering the tunnel to rescue the dead and injured.

I am now left with one conclusion. We will not save this planet until we have an Armageddon. If we have an event that is so cataclysmic that the Rothschild world is unable to operate. You know like a collapse of power where electricity is no longer available. No computers, no TV, no media and back to the basics, back to basic Christian values.

Do you know if there is a God... and I am no believer... then he must be about to act. The situation has already happened in Japan. Those poor people have nothing. They are back to basics. Calilfornia is on a fault plate! They have had their warnings! I do hope that I am slowly going mad in my old age... (wink) but somehow I don't think so!

This is all conjecture and only used to promote interest in World Politics and poke the Christian people into action. We must become more aware. We must leave a world fit for our (my) beautiful grandchildren or do we just give up and accept the crumbs that they throw at us. Sorry but I care that little bit more. Am I stupid or wrong?


NewsboyCap said...


Not stupid, not wrong.

If a government would be brave enough to end usury, print its own money and refuse to pay back its 'debt' to the banks, the Rothschild's, Rockefellers and Morgan's would be powerless.
And it would be a better world for all.

Julian said...

Though that's assuming they won't act against anyone brave enough to try to take them on. Isn't it strange how often people who oppose the NWO meet untimely deaths (or almost do, like Nigel Farage)?

bryboy said...

Do you know Julian I have often thought that. It may be entirely wrong but you start to doubt the sudden heart attacks of people like John Smith and Robin Cook. Then of course we still have the death of David Kelly being challenged by the medical profession and apparently buried for 70 years or so. So many coincidences!

Anonymous said...

If peaceful protests were the only tools in the arsenal that could be used against westminister, america, ireland, india(?) and you name the rest would still be paying taxes to London. People have to show they are willing to take the next step.