Tuesday, 5 April 2011

UK Uncut

I yearn for a movement from today's youth which is inspired by a love for their country and not by the lunatic ideals of the left wing. I would love to see a group of kids decide that the future that has been created by The Political Class is not what they want for themselves. I therefore hoped when I first saw the tactics of UK Uncut that we had at long last discovered a group of young people who did not resort to violence and who, with a bit of imagination, could protest with style (like the black brolly brigade).

To a certain extent they fulfilled my aspirations for them. They withdrew from the violence of the Union demonstration recently in London and do not want to associate themselves with 'Black Bloc' the other youth movement who seem to admire violence and destruction.

However, before I commit to a movement I like to discover who they are and what makes them tick. So I went onto YouTube, watched the videos and as each name came up when they were being interviewed I noted them down. Gradually I built up a profile of their leaders and sad to say that if you Google them follow their twitter conversations, read their blogs and discover their background then they are yet another left wing, trendy, right on, studenty organisation.

I will follow them with a passing interest but just a memo to Adam Ramsay. If I can do it old son then the police are also doing it. I believe that your organisation could have a future but stay away from the unions. They will buy your soul.

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Adam Ramsay said...

Thanks for the advice - yeah, I assume anyone (police included) can follow what I say. But I'm not ashamed of my views, and happy to be accountable for my actions. I mean, obviously I'd rather they didn't criminalise protest, but I won't hide when they do.