Saturday, 23 April 2011

David Cameron and the EU

Well if I have any regular readers they will by now be well acquainted by my firmly held opinion that David Cameron is not a conservative. I don't mind that because we all have choices but what I do object to is that he continually issues europsceptic statements intimating that he intends to challenge/defy EU edicts. In this way he conned a large section of the electorate into believing that he was a eurosceptic.

In fact he has caved in on almost every issue which has confronted the UK. The Human Rights nonsense (remember his British Bill of Rights?) is pervading all aspects of our legal system continually affording the criminal fraternity an advantage over their victims. Then of course we had the farce over the rights of prisoners to vote. The well publicised parliamentary debate which of course changed nothing.

David Cameron is a skilled politician (is that a compliment?) but more and more columnists in the mainstream media are beginning to doubt his credentials. Today in the Daily Mail Iain Martin writes a powerful piece cataloguing the continuing inability of any of the Tories to defy the EU. If David Cameron does not dig his heels in very soon on the Human Rights issues then he will be exposed as a fraud. It is my opinion that he never had any intention of representing the UK within the EU and he has no intention of reversing the lunatic decisions of the European judges.

It is yet another reason to vote nationalist on 5 May. If you won't vote for yourselves then you cannot  blame the Westmonster politicians for treading all over you...and they will!!

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