Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Who can we believe?

Some of us who have been shouting loudly about the state of this once great country are beginning to realise just how bad the situation has become. We have been stitched up on every front. There is now a realisation that we are facing the prospect of equating our position to that of East Germany where people were not people they were subjects. When I was posted to Berlin I frequently travelled through East Germany by car and military train and the kids could not even wave at us!

The video that I posted yesterday dealt with a situation in the United States but nobody can fail to recognise the same (if not worse) situation in the UK. Everything has been corrupted. The Parliament, the Police, the Schools, the Hospitals, the Civil Service, the Church fact you name it and it is not operating like it did under the 1958 democracy.

The truth is being hidden from the public. The public have generally been dumbed down, they hardly care, they do not have the time to research, they are happy to be led by the nose, they believe what they read.

As I see it we only have three nationalist leaders, two of them are being constantly vilified and the third is being disregarded as 'out of touch' and 'irrevelant'. The personality leading the lone fight against the EU is undoubtedly the courageous Nigel Farage. As my blogging brother  has already suggested a few days ago, Nigel Farage has actually become the new Conservative party.

The second voice of dissent are the BNP. Every time they are mentioned they are vilified and when I backed them some time ago I almost lost my credibility so deeply have the public been educated against nationalism which was described in the MSM as racism. They are nationalists and sometimes that attracts racists. None of us want to be described as racists. Yesterday I met a delightful ex trainee of mine in town, she showed me her baby and then hugged me in public...her name was Mina Das. She is a sweetie.

The third group who are seething are the committed Christians. I am not a Christian in the strict sense of the word. My daughter is and she belongs to a small group of lovely people who believe in the teachings on the bible. No matter what one personally believes it cannot be denied that the principles upon which this country has grown and prospered have been based on Christian principles. The small free churches which are springing up all over the country believe that the mainstream Church of England politicians have let them down. Same sex partnerships are not for them! Nor are female bishops, feminism is not their bag. They believe in the bible.

So what happens now? You no doubt know that I am on a that is wrong I am really concerned that most of you actually don't care that the country you are leaving to your children and grandchildren is not what you enjoyed. You are walking off into the sunset with your pensions tucked into your back pocket leaving behind you a world not fit for your grandkids.

On 5th May you can at least try and make amends. It does not matter if you vote Conservative/Labour/Liberal it is all a vote for corruption. AV is a distraction... it matter not a jot...don't even bother with it. We should be given a referendum on the EU.  If you want to really protest, make a difference or kick someone in the goolies then choose a small party, vote UKIP, BNP or Christian Alliance... even vote Independent but remember the Green Party are also socialists.

We don't often get a chance to protest without taking to the streets. Most of us are too old to join the kids but we are not too old to protest at the ballot box. You may not get too many more chances before you have the whole of the House of Commons standing up and clapping one leader!


Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, I don't think you do realize how bad it is in merry old. Watching from the outside it looks very much like you have already been had. I read your blog, I read others, I read your papers, I read american and canadian papers and blogs. I DO agree with most of what you say. The only thing I don't think is that peaceful protest will get you anywhere but jail. I think that time is past, unfortunately.

You have been undermined by your elected representatives, sold out to the EU. And I hate to see that.

I 'comment' on many newspapers. At the Guardian I can comment on the Queen, the military, the weather, climate change and your country's lack of Noblity. I can comment on Georgia-May. A critical comment on the EU will not be published. The EU is your main enemy. They have turned England into a socialist satellite of the EU and nothing else. (By the way socialist is much more of an insult here than it is there.)

Reading your newspapers is purely an exercise in interpretating propaganda. Please tell me the least biased paper I can read from there because you may know and I can't find one. I have tried.

I hope you don't think I'm trying to sound superior in any way and I could go on and on with examples and parabells but I won't bore you with that here. Good luck and keep up the good fight.


bryboy said...

Heh Lyle I am really sorry that I missed your comment! It was a really valuable input. I have been rather busy in the past few days but tks for your interest. It is clear that we view things from the same perspective. We have a long way to go but a slow momentum is building.