Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More EU madness!

The Daily Telegraph is the latest to highlight the scandals of EU aid to Africa. The lavish, selfish exploits of the African despots in purchasing personal aircraft while their subjects all but starve takes the breath away. It also emphasises the inability of the elite EU socialists to administer the huge sums of taxpayer's money effectively. When an immigration advisory centre in Mali receives £8.8 million to create jobs in Europe and succeeds in finding just six in three years surely even OUR politicians cannot justify that? The problem is that they are all so mired in their crooked little plan to redistribute OUR wealth that they won't even address a scandal of that magnitude.

Just think what we could do with all the money that we are throwing at the EU? We could have care homes for the elderly, decent schools, respectable health care, half decent pensions, a public toilet in the town open at all hours, well stocked libraries and even.... wait for it....a few police people on the streets!

I firmly believe that when the historians write up this period in our history people will gape open mouthed at how we allowed this to happen. My generation will probably go down in history as the most apathetic, lazy, cowardly, British generation of all time. It is not too late to redress the balance but you may have to give politics a little thought before the next election. Then award yourself a vote!

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