Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Government and the Forces!

I have long posted that I believe David Cameron to be the acceptable face of the European Union. He talks a really good game but when we look at his record then that is not so good. He knows what the public want and leading up to the election he wooed the electorate with talk of a British Bill of Rights and a Military Covenant enshrined in law. All good stuff eh?

A manifesto fit for the Conservative party but then...ooops by some miracle they don't win the General Election outright which lets in the limp wristed socialists led by Nick Clegg. The two leaders, both supporters of the EU, join together against the EU supporting Labour does that mean they all support the in what sense are they opposing each other?

All of a sudden there is no British Bill of Rights which has led to the probable certainty that Mau Mau supporters will sue the British Government for millions (how predictable!).  Our kids are being overcharged for their education (what bloody education?) and lo and behold our soldiers are still dying in Afghanistan!

Oh! I have just forgotten that fact! I will say it again... our soldiers are still dying in Afghanistan in a war that we cannot win. So what happens if you are an officer and you get killed in the line of duty. Well, according to David Cameron, it is best you die after 12 noon! If you are unlucky and get blown to bits before midday then whoops ...poor you...your family gets only gets a half a day's salary. You see you twat you couldn't wait until after midday to get slotted. Surely everyone knows that you don't die in the morning?

The man who promised that the military covenant would be enshrined in law cannot be bothered about his promise. It will cost too much money (and of course is contrary to EU policy). He never had any intention of maintaining that covenant but when we hear from the widow of Captain Mark Hale that she only got half a day's pay because he died before midday I just shudder.

This kind of callous regard for lives and families is a product of the EU. Remember Tony Blair began this war without a single military hospital in the country. These boys have been shat on from day one.  They have shown astonishing courage, outstanding bravery and frankly I cannot admire them enough.

So if I knew that my family would only receive a half day's pay for my morning death I think that I would pack it all in. They should just all finish this war in disgust at the lack of support from the politicians. They are now on a hiding to nothing.

My disgust however is reserved for Cameron. Yes we know that we need to repair the economy but I am beginning to wonder if the economy has been damaged beyond repair and their cuts won't achieve the desired result. He stood as a Tory leader and all we are getting are socialist policies. No wonder he is so cosy with Nick Clegg. Let's face it unless you are prepared to vote UKIP or BNP then you will get the EU and their Human Rights nonsense and their huge entrance fee and their Foreign Aid policy!

You obviously won't get support for the forces. They are regarded as cannon fodder! Time to come home guys and support the protestors!


Anonymous said...

"when we hear from the widow of Captain Mark Hale that she only got half a day's pay because he died before midday I just shudder"

MOD refute that claim.

NOTW being dishonest? Surely not.

bryboy said...

Well the NOTW we all know can be disengenous and we all know that but the widow of a serving officer?
I would not trust the MOD to play the game on anything and I served them for 25 years!