Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mission Creep!

They are absolutely determined to get us involved in the civil war in Libya. I have blogged from Day One that we should resist any attempt to put soldiers on the ground but William Hague continues to ignore the warnings. Why is it always the British with our ridiculous commitment to the never ending war in Afghanistan and our vastly reduced military capability who have to bear the brunt of NATO interference.

Why can't we keep our noses out? Why can't the Germans be the people who 'advise' the rebels? Why can't our politicians resist the temptation to sacrifice the lives of British troops. Who makes these decisions? Who is it who turns to William Hague and says 'It's your turn again Britain'. Why can't he say 'No'?

You see I am afraid that once again I suspect a plot to keep our troops involved in far off lands while 'mission creep' continues from within our country. I will never understand why so many of our politicians are quite willing to support every attempt to undermine British society. What is so awful about the British people that we appear to be the target for venom from almost everywhere? Why can't we find one leading mainstream politician (apart from Nigel Farage) who will step forward and tell the government that they are out of order.

We have 650 MPs and currently there is a deafening silence about Libya. Come to think of it there is a deafening silence from most of them about mostly everything! We should draw a line and say not one troop more in Libya. I hope that the handful of 'advisors' being sent to Benghazi will see the end of it but I suspect it might just be the beginning. Once again we are being set up for a fall. If William Hague escalates our involvement in Libya then we will know that he is one of the people who is not acting in the interests of his country and there are many.


bewick said...

Have to give this in 2 parts because of blogger restrictions.

I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist but here are some thoughts.
1.France and Italy once managed to invade Britain. Germany, Spain and Portugal failed. We ejected or otherwise overcame F & I.
2. Maybe old antipathies die hard and the fact that Britain twice restored freedom to Europe doesn’t actually count. Even though in so doing Britain lost an Empire and bankrupted itself. I believe we still owe the Americans for debts incurred in WW1 (and perhaps WW2) via War Bonds.
3. From what I read our Navy is the smallest it has ever been in recorded time. It may even be that landlocked Switzerland could outgun us. We no longer have the skilled men and shipyards to build many of our own independent warships. Tyneside is gone as a shipbuilding facility. Many more. Only Barrow seems to be functioning these days.
4. The RAF is also the smallest for long. Modern aircraft are grounded for lack of essential equipment and even pilots are in short supply. We no longer seem to have the capability to build our own military aircraft. We buy them in (when we can afford). The Harrier was a British invention (the “flying bedstead” in the 1950s) but we seem no longer to use the Harrier. The Americans still use it under licence. We don’t. We just “retired” them along with a couple of aircraft carriers. Of the two ACs being built one will be sold.
5. The army? Well again at the lowest level of staffing since the end of WW2. Equipment is outdated or out of service. Again we “buy in” and even tank making facilities seem to have been closed. 20 years ago Challengers were built on Tyneside. No longer. Do we actually produce military vehicles any more?
6. The Army again. Most are currently deployed in totally unwinnable wars. If I had my way we would withdraw and let the Muslims annihilate one another. Why the hell should I care? An aside. I watched a documentary about the Yemen. A very old Yemeni said that he wished the British were back because life was so much better then. I guess that is likely true across the whole of the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent – except of course that our own education system is now somewhat inferior to theirs so maybe no longer possible.

bewick said...


7. In the main our European “partners” are largely not committing their forces to global “policing” so their troops are available.
8. As things stand the UK is more “unprepared” for war than it was in 1936. At least then we had the facilities and skills to roll military aircraft off a production line and could rapidly build warships.
9. Today? Well today we would need at least 10 years notice of war and need to persuade foreign powers to supply military equipment or achieve the impossible in persuading British firms to deliver in double quick time and within budget.
10 Where am I going with this? Well I believe that even little Denmark, or the failed State of Belgium, could today declare war on Britain and win. France and Germany – no problem at all. After all OUR troops are elsewhere.
11. Might that have been the Machiavellian intention all along? Did the devious De Gaulle plan this from the start? Not beyond the realm of possibility.
12. so here is a scenario. UK forces are committed elsewhere whilst “EU partner forces” are not. The British populace finally cracks and riots against the EU (could be very soon) ; The Police are too small in number and troops are engaged elsewhere so cannot support the Police; bring on the “EU defence force”, or whatever it is called. Specifically established to “help out” member states but even more specifically when that involves objection to the EU. I believe that they do not need to ask permission from the sovereign government. Gestapo? Stasi?
13. Mmmm. I speak French and can get by in German. Old animosities are satisfied and the hated British are subdued.
As I said I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this scenario seriously bugs me. I don’t actually think that De Gaulle, or his successors are/were so clever but, by default, this is what has happened and is possible. OUR MPs admitted that they never read Maastricht or Nice or Lisbon treaties yet they approved them. Where is Cromwell when you need him?


bewick said...

One final comment.
The PRIMARY responsibility of a sovereign state is "protection of citizens from without and within".

I think the UK "state" is leaving citizens vulnerable to attack from "without" by depleting military force and then committing them elsewhere.
As for "within". Well that can refer to the justice system which is in a serious state of disrepair and also to "5th column" agitators who these days are mainly treasonous and seditious Islamists who are fomenting hate and treason with nothing more than a slap on the wrist as punishment.
Burn a Koran though, or publicly accuse Islam or even Scientology of being a cult, and you'll be locked up. Burn a Bible , or say that Christianity or Judaeism are cults- NO problem. No further action - even if you are an Islamist.

The State is totally failing in its primary purpose and hence the Government is a fraud and we seriously need a Cromwell.
Am I a racist? Well I wasn't but I think I may now well be and happy to admit that.
Am I a xenophobe. No. I choose as I see in my self-perceived "racism".

Oldman said...

Al Queda needs someone between them and the front lines against Kadaffi. The UK seems more willing to send in advisors than Germany because the Germans can't tell the difference between the thugs in AlQueda and Kadaffi mercanaries. I honestly don't know how anybody can trust either side. America won't put troops on the ground because they don't want to see them dragged dead and naked through the streets by their supposed allies like the Somalian disaster.

bryboy said...

Tks for you contributions guys. Bewick you have summed up by thoughts precisely. Iraq and Afghanistan were no accidents and neither will Libya be. They must have an excuse to deploy our forces in far off lands because the ultimate aim will be to introduce a European Defence Force to 'protect' EU interests. I fear that one day our grandchildren will be fighting in the hills against 'foreign invaders' because we failed in our duty to challenge the quite obvious attempts to subvert our democracy. We should be challenging the MSM (particularly the BBC)instead of swallowing their pro EU agenda.

bewick said...

Bryboy. I rather think I summed up the feelings of most thinking non lefties. Or hope I did.

Perhaps my neighbours and I should reconstruct Hadrian's wall (2 miles away) and hop over it before Scotland declares independence.
Perhaps though I should return to my native Derbyshire - lots of places to hide and skirmish